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I am a critically-acclaimed, award-winning composer of choral music, writing medieval/fantasy-inspired works influenced by authentic medieval techniques. Based in New York as of 2016, I was born in Australia and have composed music performed by a number of Australian and international choirs.  

In 2012, I released an album of my compositions, titled New Carols and Songs for Chaucer’s Pilgrims. Works have been broadcast on the BBC in the UK and on the ABC in Australia, and the album received a 4½ star review in national newspaper, The Weekend Australian. On the album, works were performed by some of Australia’s finest choral musicians, using medieval English lyrics for which the original music from the time has not survived.   


I’ve been singing since the age of 8 and composing since the age of 12.


I’ve had the chance to learn from some amazing people over the years, like Elizabeth Swain, Tobias Cole, Nicholas Routley, Winsome Evans, David Drury, Daniel Hyde and Edward Wickham, and sing with some amazing groups, like The Pocket Score Company, the choir of Jesus College, Cambridge, the Cambridge Medieval Music Group, Gaita, the Sydney Chamber Choir and the Renaissance Players


I’m living, working and singing in New York City now, and have previously lived, studied and sung in Sydney and Canberra, Australia and Cambridge and London, UK. 


I have particular passion for early music – the European music written between about 1150 A.D. and 1550 A.D. I love to perform that music, and my composition is influenced by that music.


Just like medieval and fantasy stories, old music speaks to a deep and suppressed part of us – a part that has been suppressed by climate-controlled McMansions and interminable shopping trips in search of cut-price happiness. Medieval and fantasy stories – and the music that forms part of their world– bring us to a mental space of heroism, mystery and adventure.


My composition is driven by these ideas. The aim is to use music, including through association with medieval and fantasy worlds, as a way of liberating listeners from the illusion of immortality which can be the unintended consequence of the modern day abundance in some parts of the world of comfort and safety.


On this site there are lots of free samples of my music and my performances.


I hope you enjoy visiting the website and join up to the mailing list to find out events and other things that are going on in the future. 




Here are some of the great musicians I currently work with or have worked with in the past - visit their websites and see what they're about: 


The Pocket Score Company -

Winners of the MusicACT award for best choral/vocal group, this is an all-male four voice ensemble singing mostly early music


The Choir of Jesus College Cambridge

The famous choir in the UK


The Sydney Chamber Choir

One of Australia's finest choirs


The Renaissance Players

The internationally renowned medieval music ensemble



Edinburgh-based medieval music duo


Capella Sublima

Sydney-based chamber ensemble performing Renaissance sacred music


Tobias Cole

One of Australia's foremost countertenors


Winsome Evans

The inspiration for a generation of medieval musicians in Australia and beyond


David Drury

Leading organist and conductor/director


Daniel Hyde

Formerly director of the Choir of Jesus College Cambridge, now of Magdalen College, Oxford


Edward Wickham

Director of the Clerks' Group, I had the privilege to sing in the Cambridge Medieval Music Group, led by Edward


Ian Blake

Canberra-based musician/recording artist/all-round great musician! 


David Mackay

Performer, conductor and composer, we've shared most of the last 15 years of music-making together


Harold Gretton

Outstanding guitarist, we've performed English lute songs together some years ago


Josie Ryan  

Internationally successful soprano, Josie is one of the amazing voices who sung on my CD of compositions



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